How to Get There

Getting to Strasbourg

An international airport just 9 min away from the city center

Strasbourg-Entzheim international airport is just 9 minutes away from the city center.

Connections to over 200 destinations and 17 direct flights: Amsterdam, Barcelona, Bordeaux, Brussels, Casablanca, Djerba, Lille, Lisbon, Lyon, Madrid, Marseille, Nantes, Nice, Paris CDG, Paris Orly, Prague, Toulouse, Tunis.

Fare estimates
From Brussels: 180€ roundtrip
From Lisbon: 150€ roundtrip
From Tunis: 260€ roundtrip
From Stockholm (1 stop): 225€ roundtrip

A TGV (high-speed train) station in the city center

Strasbourg has one of the largest railway stations in France offering a wide range of train connections with other parts of the country, as well as with Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, the Netherlands and other European countries.

The city is also an important high-speed train hub, lying on the intersection of the East European and Rhine Rhône TGV lines, and is a short ride away from major European cities.

Strasbourg railway station is located in the very center of the town.

Fare estimates
From Stuttgart: 110€ roundtrip
From Zürich: 100€ roundrip
From Paris: 100€ roundtrip

For more information on prices, the stations served and timetables, go to the website


Public transportation

Public transportation within Strasbourg are facilitated through a broad bus and tramway network, covering the entire city. It will be extremely easy for you to travel around the city from your hotel and to the conference location.

For more information, go to the Compagnie des Transports Strasbourgeois’ website.